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Cook’s Assistant

Written By Salmoneus
Special Thanks to Cxkslei, Iamkewlr, Bboyjyoung, Steve, Ph201

Start: Begin by speaking with the Cook in Lumbridge Castle.
Skills None!
Quests: None!
What You Need: 1 Bucket and a pot.

Getting Started

To start this quest, go to Lumbridge Castle and speak with the Cook on the first floor. He says that he’s forgotten some of the ingredients for the cake that he was going to bake for the King. Tell him that you’ll help him out, and he says that he needs some milk, an egg, and some flour.

The Castle Cook

So, leave the castle and head north along the road until you reach the General Store. Buy a bucket for 2gp, and a pot for 1gp. Now we can get all of the ingredients for the cake! Here’s a map of the useful places used during this quest:

Map of helpful places


milkAfter buying a bucket and pot, just walk over the bridge to the east, continuing to the Cow Pen. Once inside, use the empty bucket with a Dairy Cow to get some fresh Milk.


eggLeave the Cow Pen and walk north along the road until you come to a small Chicken Farm. Now go inside and head to the northwest corner to find an egg respawn. Pick an egg up and leave the farm.


flourTravel south along the road from the Chicken Farm, back over the bridge and past the General Store. Walk west along the road until you come across a Wheat Field. Pick a piece of wheatwheat, leave the field and travel a short distance north to the windmill. Climb to the top of theOperate hopper controls mill, use the grain with the Hopper, and then operate the controls next to the Hopper. Now climb all the way down the ladder, and empty the Flour Bin by clicking on it.

Finishing the Quest

Now that you’ve got all of the ingredients, head back to the cook by traveling east on the road until you reach the castle. Talk to him again, give him the milk, egg and flour, and you’re finished!

Congratulations, Cook's Assistant Quest complete!


  • 300 Cooking experience
  • You can now cook on the Lumbridge Castle stove. This stove is known to burn less food than an ordinary stove, and because of the Lumbridge Castle Bank being located upstairs, makes this one of the best place to cook food in RuneScape!
  • 1 Quest Point this is from my good friend

The Quest Help

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Black Knights’ Fortress

Written By Justinjrjr

Start: Begin by talking to Sir Amik Varze, located in Falador Castle, about a quest.
Skills: The ability to defend against level 33 Black Knights.
Quests: 12 Quest Points.
What You Need: A Bronze Medium Helmet, Iron Chainmail, and a Cabbage grown from any garden except for the one in Draynor Manor.
Recommended Items: Food and armor as a precaution against the knights in the castle.

Getting the Items You Need

Before you start this quest it is a good idea to get all the items you require:

Bronze medium helmA Bronze Medium Helmet can be obtained through the Smithing Skill by smithing 1 bronze bar with a smithing level of 3. You can also buy these from Peska in the Barbarian Village for the price of 24 coins.

Iron chain mailAn Iron Chainmail can be made from 3 iron bars at level 26 smithing. You can also buy one from Wayne in Falador for the price of 210 coins.

CabbageFor this quest freeplayers can pick a cabbage from these locations:

South of Falador:

South of falador

North of Rimmington:

North of rimmington

Northwest of Lumbridge:

Northwest of lumbridge

The Monastery:

The monastery

Or you can also farm your cabbage if you are a member and have level 7 Farming or pick them from many other locations. The important thing is that you do not pick cabbages from Draynor Manor:

Don't pick cabbages from draynor mannor

Getting Started

Now that you have all the items you need, it’s time to go and start the quest. To start the quest, talk to Sir Amik Varze on the 3rd floor of the white knight’s castle in Falador. If you have trouble finding him this is the white knight’s fortress:

The white knight fortress

All you then need to do is climb up the western stairs to the third level of the castle:

Sir amik varze's location Sir amik varze

Amik Varse will send you to ‘check on’ the Dark Knight’s Fortress. So grab all your items and maybe some food and head to the Dark Knight’s fortress:

Route from falador to the black knights' fortress

Inside the Fortress

First of all wear your iron chain-mail and your bronze helm. Open the ‘sturdy door’ on the south side of the building. Now that you are inside, there is no further need to impersonate a guard so you may wear your normal armor. ‘Push’ the wall directly in front of you:

Push the wall

Climb up the ladder, then the ladder you find on the next floor. You should now be on the 3rd floor, however there re some boxes that block your way to the eastern half. There is a ladder heading down slightly to the east of you that you must then climb down. You will arrive in a room that looks like this:

This is where you'll appear

Head up the ladder in the eastern room and you will find yourself on the 3rd floor again, behind the obstructive boxes from earlier. Head down the ladder that is just next to you.

This room is a safe haven. The black knights can not get to you, and you can recharge your prayer. If you are low on life you can wait here until some of it regenerates.

The chaos altar

When you have recovered, exit the room by the door to the west. A Black Knight will be very hospitable and greet you with a fierce: “Die intruder!!!” And will attack you no matter what your level. You do not need to kill him, just run past and down the ladder. You will now be on the bottom floor again, run along the corridor and ‘listen at grill’.

Listen-at grill

Your character will crouch down and over-hear the plan to give the Black Knights an invincibility potion… But do not fear, you can ruin everything! All you need is one small cabbage…

Destroying the Potion

Head back to the entrance of the fortress, just follow the guide so far in reverse order if you are worried about losing yourself. The door to the east is the door to the meeting room, try to go in but the guard will stop you:

Fortress guard

Tell the guard that you’ll go in anyway and run away from the Black Knights and up the ladder to the north.

Fighting a black knight

Walk along this passage, and you will need to push yet another wall:

Push the wall

Inside here, use your cabbage with the hole in the floor.

Warning: Be very careful that you use the cabbage with the hole, because if you do not right-click you will eat it!

Use the cabbage with the hole

The witch will throw a fit.


Now you can leave to go get your reward from Sir Amik Varze. To get out you can back-track to the entrance and walk to Falador, or you can homeport and walk there from Lumbridge.

Congratulations, Black Knights' Fortress Quest complete!


Meet Justinjrjr

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hi im justinjrjr i play runescape to im a lvl 74 and could be better lol ok so this is my website and i hope you enjoy the quest help i am sorry but i will post membesr quest after i am done posting non members quests ok here are some tips dont be retarted and and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rock on and add zezima thats the most powerful player in the game